My portfolio of programs.

Young Adult Programs

Museum of Science and Industry
Tampa, Florida

  • Teen service learning programs.
  • Students participated in workshops exploring STEAM careers and life skills.
  • Increased volunteer participation to 5,000 hours in the first year compared to 800 in previous years.
  • Developed career ladders, curriculum, grant applications, recruitment and celebration events, and evaluation.
  • Program participants led the museum’s first Citizen Science Day through teen research, social media promotion, and on site activities.

Night at Our Museum

The Fenimore Art Museum
Cooperstown, New York

  • An annual family event which features crafts and displays from local
    businesses and non-profits.
  • The highlight of the evening is the tour of the museum galleries
    featuring characters from the exhibit.
  • Security Guards lead visitors on the hunt for an art thief,
    questioning characters from artwork on display in the galleries.
  • This event promotes cooperation between local organizations and
    families in a very tourist driven location.
  • Photos are from the second annual Night at Our Museum, all of which
    featured scripts by Laura Winnie.

The Art Cart

The Fenimore Art Museum
Cooperstown, New York

  • Developed to fill a need for interactive components within the
    Fenimore Art Museum's galleries, the Art Carts all children, families,
    and visitors of all ages to engage in a sensory experience with the
  • The first Art Cart, pictured here, featured materials used to create
    the artwork in the Fenimore Art Museum's Thaw Gallery of American
    Indian Art.
  • Handling the raw materials gives visitors a new appreciation for the
    artwork in the gallery.
  • This original Art Cart provided the framework for all subsequent
    interactive carts in the musuem's galleries.

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